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  • Feb 2015 Obtained (C) copyright on ICS computer software.

  • Feb 2015 Obtained patent-pending on ICS (Inventory Checkout System)

  • Dec 2014, Rolled out new 40 bay vending machine.

  • Nov 2014, Obtained patent-pending on vending machine adjustable video monitor.

  • Sept 2014, Obtained patent-pending on vending machine tray.

  • Feb 2013, started selling Sun Product Tools online at a 15% markup, which is very competative.  Other product lines may follow?

  • Jan 2013, started selling products on, which require UPC barcodes.

  • Jan 2013, registered with to obtain UPC barcoding for LarsonBiz products.

  • Nov 2012, moved web-hosting from XO Comm. to Network Solutions.

  • Nov 2012, open store front in the Erie PA All Seasons Mall.  Store is for Christian minestry with a "Prayer4You" ballet-box, books and music CD's.   Also the Turtle Way product vending machine.

  • Oct 2012, setup with Merchant Ware for credit-card processing.

  • Oct 2012, converted the LarsonBiz fictionous name into LarsonBiz LLC.

  • Sept 2012, designed and build a vending machine, which can dispense the large Turtle Way products.

  • July 2012, moved web-hosting from XO Comm. to Network Solutions.

  • June 2012, Finished the 12 songs for the "Sovereign God of Infinity" CD.  Hope to have it finallized by mid July 2012.  Visit

  • May 2012, Finished final touches on "Learn Hebrew In One Day" book.  Visit

  • May 2012, Finished "New Testament In a Nutshell" book.  Visit

  • Jan 2012, Finished "Popular Music Remix" CD.  Visit

  • Jan 2012, inished final touches on "Triune Godhead The Fourth Element" book.  Visit

  • Oct 2011, Finished final touches on "Mission Field in Your Own Backyard" book.  Visit

  • Turtle Way Animation
    April  2010, Added Ad-appeal to "The Turtle Way” webpage using an animated GIF presentation.

  • Facebook Turtle Way Advertising
    February  2010, Started advertising “The Turtle Way” using Facebook Campaigns.

  • 2009, Purchased and for Christian ministries, books, and music by AL Larson.

  • The Turtle Way Advertising
    November 2009, Started advertising “The Turtle Way” using Google AdWords.

  • The Turtle Way Booklet
    June 2009, "The Turtle Way" (C) booklet receives copyright from US Copyright office: TXu 1-602-941.

  • Erie Times News - May, 15, 2008
    LarsonBiz fictitious name notification published in the Erie Times News.


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