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Shown below a 240 product dispenser only $7K, which holds about 7,000 products.
Imagine a 1000 item order-picker for $28K, which holds almost 30,000 products.

1) Position one or more Dispensing-Trays on your shelves.
2) W
ire the trays together by connecting them to our Controller-Box.
3) Connect the Controller-Box to your Windows computer.
4) Install our Machine_ICS software onto this computer.
5) For remote monitoring, install our Remote_ICS software on one or more computers, which are networked to the Machine_ICS computer.

Our software enables a user to select a product by number for product information and cost.    Then enter a user PIN or RFID for access or scan a credit-card for purchasing.   The software enables the correct motor on a tray column to dispenses one item.  The item falls from the shelf and lands on a padded table, which is positioned in front of the shelves of dispensing trays.  For anti-theft security, clear polyurethane glass could be mounted in front of the trays.  The trays are stocked from the front or back by sliding a tray part-way off the shelf and stacking in new items.

Shown below is a 10-column-tray for small and medium products.   And shown below is a 5-column-tray for larger products.
$499 for the base system, which includes our ICS software.    Then add $349 for each 10-column-tray and $249 for each 5-column-tray (20% discount for more than 100).
The above example shows 24  10-column-trays, so with discount it cost $499 + (24 x $280) = $7K.
Half trays are the same width but only 12" deep instead of the 24" trays shown below.   Pricing on half-trays is about 10% less than the 24" trays.

All trays are made of aluminum for strength, light-weight and non-rusting.

You select the type of coil for each tray.


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